Eight Ninths Ltd is a growing company, eager to explore new opportunities to support the transformation of health and social care.  And we do mean ‘transfomation’ not just cosmetic tinkering!

Our business model is based on working with associates.  Associates, as we describe in the Our People section, either run their own companies or are registered self-employed: they are not employees of Eight Ninths Ltd at any stage.

Associates bring particular skills to Eight Ninths Ltd, enabling us to bid for new work, undertake programmes of work effectively and and high quality, and to help provide resilience across our portfolio.

If you have

  • Significant experience of health or social care related work at a senior level (Board equivalent or reporting to a Board member or equivalent)
  • Areas of expertise, knowledge and skill that are likely to assist Eight Ninths Ltd in our fields of work
  • A willingness to work in line with our policies, values and commitments
  • A commitment to work in a team led by Eight Ninths Ltd

then we would love to hear from you and, potentially, to add you to our database of associates. Please note that at present we are not looking for any additional associates to join our database – keep looking back here though!

Please email us in the first instance, and we will send you a short briefing on how our associate arrangements work.