We normally quote and charge for specific complete pieces of work on a fixed price basis.  Our quotations are based on the estimated input of the company for the completion of the work required.  Input rates for 2020/21 are as follows and are based on a nominal day length of 7.5 hours.  For this year, we have again not revised our fees – in fact, we have not raised our prices since 2015/16 as we recognise that many of our clients are working in highly challenging financial circumstances.

All prices below are exclusive of VAT at the applicable rate.

Standard rate: £850 per day; this normally assumes no long-distance (>35 miles) travel; during the Covid-19 crisis it includes use of videoconferencing and/or teleconferencing applications

Bespoke rate: £variable; e.g., for high-risk projects; projects requiring high-value specialist professional input or projects with some long-distance travel

We have a standard contract which must be agreed and signed by the client before a project commences.  We must have a purchase order – for clients who use them – prior to starting a project, too.  Please note that these requirements are not negotiable.

We work across Great Britain.  For work involving more than a few days of face-to-face input from Eight Ninths Ltd, we are however only able to work with clients based in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and West Yorkshire.

Our terms are strictly 30 days, and we love working with efficient payers!